Position statement on ethical animal testing

October 2018, Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs

As a leading global manufacturer of specialty chemicals, Nouryon considers the safeguarding of human health and the environment to be of paramount importance. Ensuring such protection requires that we understand the potential hazards of our raw materials, intermediates, and final products.

When evaluating the hazard of a substance, we perform rigorous assessments of existing information and generate appropriate data by means which do not involve the use of vertebrate animals, such as computer modelling or in vitro assays. However, in certain circumstances animal testing cannot be avoided. In such cases humane, responsible testing on vertebrate animals is performed by accredited testing laboratories. Nouryon does not routinely carry out animal research on finished products such as chemical mixtures except in those exceptional cases where it is required by government regulations.

When animal testing is required, Nouryon fully supports and applies the principles of the 3Rs: to Replace, Reduce, and Refine animal testing. In order to rigorously minimize the extent of animal testing, we have convened a group of senior toxicologists to evaluate all animal research proposals prior to the commissioning of new studies. This senior technical group has the remit to assess the need for the proposed new testing, the suitability of the test protocol, and to determine the possibility of using alternative non-animal research techniques. Moreover, Nouryon will continue with its strategy of minimizing animal testing by supporting the development of non-animal research or animal reduction research protocols. Nouryon will also continue the dialogue with institutes and regulatory bodies to minimize the need for animal testing.