A versatile adjuvant with low toxicity that also works as a compatibilizer

Adsee AMP40 is an all-in-one biodegradable adjuvant for crop protection formulations. It is a salt-free amphoteric surfactant, designed to be used as an adjuvant for both in-can and tank-mix applications.


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Key Benefits

Low toxicity

Readily biodegradable and contains no hazardous ingredients (clean label)


Superior hydrotrope that also works as compatibilizer


Adds humectancy to formulations and softens/hydrates wax layer

Additional Information


  • Improves efficacy when used with fungicides and herbicides
  • Low foaming
  • Soluble in strong caustic or acid solutions



  • TSCA complaint
  • REACH registered
  • Listed in NZIoC / IECSC / ISHL / ENCS / KECI Chemical Inventory


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