Happy Hands: Addressing Consumers’ Frustrations

Nouryon helps hand sanitizer formulators differentiate with essential ingredients

Presented by the Nouryon Home and Personal Care Team

As the world ushered in decade 2020 earlier this year, little did we imagine that a seemingly auspicious new beginning would herald unprecedented disruption. The coronavirus pandemic became the single most impactful event affecting the whole world, curtailing activities on every front, including manufacturing, working routines and socialization.

While the world combats Covid-19, we have seen a rapid surge in demand for protective supplies such as face masks, hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wipes and disinfectants.

Boosting hand sanitizer availability

Early on, essential ingredients for hand sanitizer formulations were in short supply, which quickly led to empty shelves in retail outlets. Subsequently, creative variations of the transparent gels emerged in different formats — from liquid sprays to free-flowing serum-like fluids — all of which are based on at least 60% alcohol with a rheology modifier to bulk up the texture of the product.

After battling the wild swings of shortage and availability, consumers are now truly spoiled for choice as supply increases.

Differentiating with super-hydrating features to enhance user experience

For formulators who are looking to differentiate themselves within the now crowded space of hand sanitizers, we at Nouryon have focused on areas of key concern for formulators and hand sanitizer users. As lockdown and social distancing measures start to ease globally, the attention paid to hygiene and protection will likely persist. Frequency of hand sanitizer usage is expected to increase as movement and activities resume in public areas.

With frequent application of high alcohol content products, frustration over dry skin can become a key issue. Nouryon’s Hydrovance moisturizing agent delivers moisturization efficacy which is comparable to the leading benchmark while offering a non-tacky, non-greasy aesthetic in skin care products. Moisture enhancement has been observed when compared with typical humectants such as glycerin, manifesting longer lasting moisturization effect. It also offers a pleasing sensorial experience and safety to skin and eye, giving consumers a hand sanitizer formulation which is safe and comfortable for frequent use.

Click here to download our Hydrating hand sanitizer formulation.

Completing the formulations with Nouryon’s polymeric thickening agents

To help formulators complete the premium hand sanitizer product, Nouryon also offers two effective polymeric based thickening agents for alcohol based moisturizing hand sanitizer.

Nouryon’s Celquat SC-230M is a granular, free-flowing powder that swells and thickens upon dispersing into alcohol without the need of further neutralization. This improves processability and allows formulators to turn around production faster.

Alternatively, Nouryon’s newly launched Structure 2020, in the form of a low viscosity emulsion solution, is cleaner and easier to dose during batch production. The polymer thickens and clarifies upon neutralization.

Staying safe, clean and beautiful

As we progressively move through the pandemic to a post-Covid19 future, Nouryon will continue to stay relevant to our customers’ needs for a safe, clean and beautiful lifestyle.

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