Holding a pandemic-fueled bake off? Clean up with Nouryon’s high-performance ingredients

Presented by the Nouryon Home and Personal Care Team

As workplace and social restrictions start to ease, many of us are happy to see life gradually return to normalcy. While it is possible that Covid-19 has permanently recalibrated our expectations for safety and hygiene practices, it has also piqued our interests in more comforting habits, such as cooking and baking at home.

During the lock-down months, supermarkets and food supply stores were some of the only services we were able to access. As a result, many of us sought comfort in cooking and baking in our own kitchens. The surge in baking activities in Singapore, for example, depleted the supply of many baking ingredients, including flour, butter, sugar, yeast and cream cheese.

Seasoned bakers took time to tackle more challenging recipes, while newbies experimented with more basic dishes. Either way, these baking adventures often resulted in greasy pans, grimy work surfaces and soiled dishes — all chores that needed to be addressed.

A focus on cleanliness

Whether it is for household tasks or professional applications, Nouryon’s essential ingredients can be found in many high-performing kitchen cleaners. Click here to download Nouryon's Power and Clean Kitchen Cleaner formulation.

At the heart of effective cleaning formulations, Berol 226 SA (produced regionally in Asia) is an industry-leading surfactant system that cuts through grease even at very low concentrations. Its unique synergy of powerful surfactants and cleaning boosters makes it especially suitable for multifunctional formulations, such as kitchen hard surface cleaners where strong wetting, powerful emulsification and dispersion of oil base soil are important.

A 100% active liquid product that meets US EPA Safer Choice Product Standards, Berol 226 SA is convenient to dispense and formulate and has consistently outperformed commercial all-purpose cleaners at a lower dosage.

In addition to the surfactant system, chelating agents are also used extensively in cleaning formulations to control metal ions in water-based systems.

Dissolvine GL (also produced regionally is Asia) is Nouryon’s solution to a greener chelate chemistry. Manufactured with natural amino acid salt, monosodium L-glutamate (MSG), Nouryon’s Dissolvine GL is readily biodegradable with excellent low toxicity and ecotox profiles. Like Berol 226 SA, Dissolvine GL meets US EPA Safer Choice Product Standards (as well as numerous other international institutions).

Demonstrating enhanced solubility properties under a wide range of conditions, Dissolvine GL is our sustainable alternative to phosphonates, NTA and EDTA.