Weclean's automated cleaning device keeps escalator handrails clean and sanitized

Presented by the Nouryon Home and Personal Care Team

The Covid-19 outbreak has forced many of us to reconsider the role cleanliness and hygiene play in our daily lives. Until a vaccine is readily available, many of the health-promoting behaviours we now practice — such as wearing a face mask, regular hand washing, applying hand sanitizer, and cleaning and disinfecting public facilities with increased frequency — will remain necessary to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The new normal for escalators

The outbreak has and will continue to recalibrate the acceptable norms in cleaning standards. In Singapore, to mitigate the risk of infection in public areas, it is now common practice to clean high-touch points such as escalator handrails, lift buttons and add value machines with disinfectant at least twice as frequently as was typical prior to Covid-19.

These emerging needs present the perfect backdrop for South Korean company SWIT to showcase the full value of Weclean, its proven automated escalator handrail cleaning device.

Available on the market for nearly ten years, Weclean was first conceptualised as a safety management tool to alert people about escalator safety. It has since evolved into a patented device that automatically cleans and disinfects escalator handrails. For many people, this helps to allay fears of contaminated public surfaces and encourage them to hold on to the handrails, which helps reduce the number of escalator-related accidents.

Nouryon recently met with Mr. Julius Ng, Weclean Singapore’s marketing and business development executive, to understand more about this patented automated cleaning system. Previously available in South Korea’s Samsung and Hyundai department stores, Weclean entered the Singapore market late last year, where it has installed the device in the Shangri La hotel and has begun trial installations at public hospitals and shopping malls.

Mr. Ng explained that the device cleans handrails using a three-step process. It first cleans and sterilizes the handrail 99.9% with a disinfectant solution. Then, using lint-free rollers, it wipes off dirt and grease residue, followed by the final step: sterilization under a UV LED lamp.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, new cleaning protocols require the escalator handrails to be cleaned hourly. With the Weclean device, handrail cleaning and disinfection becomes an automated and continuous process, saving labour and allowing users to feel safer and more comfortable when holding onto the handrails.

Designed to be future proof, the device is fitted with IoT technology to allow for endless functionality improvements, such as alert and traffic counting via apps integration. Additionally, the choice of disinfectant solution was considered for its virucidal efficacy, safety and non-corrosive impact on escalator handrails.

Contact Weclean about their patented automated escalator handrail cleaning device.

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