China Composites Expo 2022

30 November - 2 December 2022 Nanjing, China

Meet the new Nouryon with an enhanced focus on innovative and sustainable solutions. 

We are very happy to be back to the China Composites Show this year. And even more excited to celebrate the new production site in Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone, which is expected to provide capacity expansions of between 30 and 70 percent, allowing us to support the growth of our customers. Great emphasis on sustainability was taken into account as innovative technology to minimize discharge of wastewater was installed.  imagem95k.png

New Nangang site

In addition to the new site, we’re thrilled to share that our brand color has been changed to blue to reflect our enhanced focused on science, innovation and sustainability.  

Within our Polymer Specialties business, we produce everyday essentials for the global polymer industries. We are among the world’s leading producers of organic peroxides, metal alkyls, organometallic specialties and polymer additives, which are essential ingredients for the thermoplastic, composite and rubber industries. We are widely known for our world-class products, including our Butanox® and Perkadox® brands. 


Thermoset composites are ubiquitous in life, from artificial quartz stone for interior decoration, wind turbine blades, yacht shells, and cutlery trays to buttons. Organic peroxide is often used in the production process of thermoset composites. It is usually used as a curing agent. It can be mixed with unsaturated polyester resin to cure liquid resin. With proper filler and additives, it can be applied in a wide range of industrial and consumer products. 


We are looking forward to meeting you there!

For more information about the China Composites Show 2022 visit the event website.

Wednesday 30 November - Friday 2 December 2022

    • China Composites Expo 2022
    • Nanjing International Exhibition Center
    • Nanjing
    • China