Alcoclear CCP-II

Product Line Synthetic polymers

Polycationic water clarifier/deoiler in an aqueous solution with a pH of 4.5.

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    Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America
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    ALCOCLEAR CCP-II is a high molecular weight cationic polymer for oil field water clarification. ALCOCLEAR CCP-II is effective in a variety of oil-in-water clarification processes commonly employed in oil field operation. Oil field water contains hydrocarbons and other dispersed materials. These contaminants must be removed for environmentally safe water disposal. ALCOCLEAR CCP-II improves the efficiency of these processes. ALCOCLEAR CCP-II helps to remove oil, suspended solids, emulsions and other contaminants from oil field waters. ALCOCLEAR CCP-II improves phase separation in dispersed gas flotation systems.ALCOCLEAR CCP-II helps to break oil and water emulsions in coalescers, precipitators, gun barrels, skimmers, and other oil field water handling equipment. Flocculation, emulsion breaking. Oil in water, water in oil clarification.

Market Segments

Water treatment

Detailed description

Polycationic water clarifier/deoiler in an aqueous solution with a pH of 4.5.


  • Flocculant,
  • Demulsifier


  • Scale Control and Removal
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