Alcoguard 1194

Synthetic polymers

Film former for various surfaces

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    Alcoguard 1194
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ALCOGUARD 1194 is a unique composition of polycarboxylateand crosslinkingagent which imparts a protective, virtually invisible film. When applied to materials such as cotton, polycottonand polyester crease resistance and soil guard properties are obtained without unwanted build-up or flaking on darker fabrics. ALCOGUARD 1194 is completely water soluble therefore is easily removed during the wash cycle providing a secondary benefit of antiredepositionon hydrophilic soils. ALCOGUARD 1194 is supplied in a concentrated liquid form allowing you to optimize the level of dilution required for your application. Recommended use level for ironing applications is 1% -5% solids. The degree of stiffness is dictated by the solids level of the solution applied and the number of applications.


  • Film Former
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