Armohib CI-209

Product Line Surfactants - Cationic and fatty amines

Armohib CI-209 is the imidazoline reaction product of tall oil fatty acid and diethyelenetriamine.

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  • Chemical family

    Cationic Surfactant
  • Regional availability

    North America
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  • Applications

    Armohib CI-209 is a complex amidoamine. Corrosion inhibitors formulated with this unique organic base display high film persistency against the attack of severely corrosive fluids and gases in sour (H2S) and sweet (CO2) environments. Because the product can be formulated into oil-soluble, oil-soluble/water-dispersible or water-soluble inhibitors, the finished formulations readily disperse in hydrocarbon solvents, water and brine. As a result, corrosion inhibitors formulated with Armohib CI-209 are able to work effectively in a wide range of tough chemical and physical environments, providing the formulator with superior versatility and low inventory requirements.

Market Segments


Detailed description

Cationic imidazoline oil-based mud additive in a liquid solution with a pH of 11.


  • Water Barrier,
  • Adhesion and Adsorption,
  • Film Former


  • Corrosion inhibitor
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