Inhibitor NLC-10

Polymer additives

Inhibitor NLC-10 is a inhibitor used at ambient temperatures.

  • Product name

    Inhibitor NLC-10
  • CAS number

    98-29-3; 6846-50-0
  • Regional availability

    Africa, Asia, Asia Pacific, China, Europe, India, Middle East
  • Chemical name

    4-tert-Butyl-1,2-dihydroxy benzene
  • Applications

    Inhibitor NLC-10 is a 10% solution of 4-tert-Butyl-1,2-dihydroxy benzene = 4-tert-Butylcatechol in aliphatic ester. Inhibitor NLC-10 is used at ambient temperatures for lengthening: 1) gel time of a mixture of UP resin/peroxide/accelerator; 2) pot life of a mixture UP resin/peroxide; 3) pot life of a mixture UP resin/amine accelerator. Inhibitor NLC-1 can be used instead of Inhibitor NLC-10 to ensure a more accurate dosage. Inhibitor NLC-10 is not advised to improve the shelf life of a SMC or BMC formulation. In this application special peroxides like Trigonox 21LS and Trigonox 42LS are recommended to improve the shelf life.

Market Segments

Thermoset composites

Detailed description

Inhibitor used at ambient temperatures for extending potlife or geltime; 10% solution in aliphatic solvents.


  • Corrosion Inhibitor


  • Resin Transfer Molding,
  • Hand lay up and spray up


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