Sodium Hydrosulfide 35%

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Sulfur compounds

Sodium Hydrosulfide is an economical form of reactive sulfur that is typically a light-yellow colored solution with the accompanying odor of rotten eggs. Hydrogen Sulfide (H₂S), a toxic gas, is evolved upon contact of Sodium Hydrosulfide with acids.

  • Product name

    Sodium Hydrosulfide 35%
  • Chemical family

    Sulfur compounds
  • CAS number

    207683-19-0 (hydrate) 16721-80-5 (anhydrous)
  • Chemical Formula

  • Regional availability

  • Chemical name

    Sodium hydrogensulfide
  • Molecular Weight

  • Applications

    Sodium hydrosulfide is used as a reactive form of sulfur and acts as an intermediate in the production of other chemicals, including thio-chemicals used in textile processing, in the production of flame retardant resins, and in vulcanization accelerators. Sodium hydrosulfide is also used as a processing aid in the production of a variety of industrial products. It is a de-hairing agent in the production of fine leathers. In mining, it is a flotation agent, helpful in the precipitation of metals from ore slurries. Sodium hydrosulfide is also valuable as a raw material in the production of heat-resistant plastics for the auto and electronic industries. In paper making, Sodium hydrosulfide is used to add sulfidity to cooking liquor in kraft pulp mills.

Market Segments

Chemical intermediates

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