Tetrahydroxyethylethylenediamine (THEEDA)

Ethylene amines and ethanolamines

Ethylene Amines

Tetrahydroxyethylethylenediamine (THEEDA; CAS 140-07-8) is a tetrol structured ethanolamine having four reactive primary ethoxyl groups. It is a highly viscous, slightly colored liquid with a slight ammoniacal odor.

  • Product name

    Tetrahydroxyethylethylenediamine (THEEDA)
  • Chemical family

    Ethylene Amines
  • CAS number

  • Chemical name

    2,2',2'',2'''-(1,2- Ethanediyldinitrilo)tetraethanol
  • Molecular Weight


Market Segments

Chemical intermediates

Detailed description

THEEDA’s main uses are as a crosslinker in polyurethane foams, gas sweetening – H₂S sequestering, and as a cement cure strength improver.

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