Witcolate 1259FS

Surfactants - Anionic

C6-10 Alcohol Ether Sulfate

  • Product name

    Witcolate 1259FS
  • Brand

  • Chemical family

    Anionic surfactant
  • Regional availability

    North America
  • Chemical name

    C6-10 Alcohol Ether Sulfate
  • Applications

    Witcolate 1259FS is an alcohol ether sulfate surfactant that is specially manufactured with a low water content, making it ideal for most water soluble foam stick applications. Witcolate 1259FS produces foam that efficiently removes excessive formation water and solid particles in a wide range of downhole temperatures and conditions.

Market Segments


Detailed description

C6-10 Alcohol Ether Sulfate


  • Foam Booster,
  • Cleansing agent,
  • Emulsifier,
  • Wetting agent


  • All Purpose Cleaner,
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent,
  • Completion Fluids
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