Chlorine: an important chemical in our day-to-day life

Our chlorine products are provided by Nobian, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nouryon.

We are a leading producer of chlorine in Europe with 2 production sites in The Netherlands and 3 in Germany.

Chlorine is an important chemical in our day-to-day life and is a major building block for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Chlorine is produced by electrolysis of salt (brine), together with its co-products caustic lye and hydrogen.

Many chemicals, plastics and medicines depend on chlorine during the manufacturing process, although the chemical is not contained in the end product. Some 55% of European chemical production depends on chlor-alkali products.

We are an active member of Euro Chlor, the European organization for Chlorine producers. Euro Chlor develops and promotes the best safety, health and environmental practices for manufacturing, handling and use of chlorine.

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