Our hydrochloric acid is used in almost all sectors of industry

Our hydrochloric acid products are provided by Nobian, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nouryon.

Hydrogen chloride (HCl) is a colorless gas. Its aqueous solution is known as Hydrochloric Acid. Hydrogen chloride or hydrochloric acid is produced by burning hydrogen and chlorine together and is also a by-product of the chlorination of organic compounds. The concentration and the quality of HCl are the decisive factors for the type of application.

We are Europe’s leading merchant supplier of hydrochloric acid with a flexible set-up:
• HCl burners for flexibility to produce “on purpose” and high quality
• Technical / Technical Pure / Chemically Pure grades
• Concentrations 30-33-36%
• Additional tank park for HCl storage in Rotterdam area (Europoort)
• Transport modalities: trucks, containers, Rail Tank Cars, pipeline

Nobian Chlorine products