Why complicate your process when you can start with high purity vacuum salt?

Our salt products are provided by Nobian, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nouryon.

We produce solution mined salt that is ranked amongst the purest salt available on the market. The purity of our vacuum salt eliminates the need for further (primary) purification steps, ensures high quality end-products and protects valuable equipment, such as membranes.

With our three production locations, we are one of the largest producers of high purity vacuum salt in Europe. In addition, our sites are conveniently accessible by barges and/or sea vessels, further ensuring the security of supply to your plants.

We offer a choice between the traditional ferro cyanide anti-caking agent and a proprietary anti-caking agent based on meso tartrate (mTA).
Depending on process conditions mTA salt can reduce the energy need of membrane electrolysis plants by up to 5%, which is not only a significant cost saving but also supports a lower eco footprint.

Make your process simpler, risk free and cost efficient by using our high purity vacuum salt.

Nobian Salt products

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