Production Operator(化工生产操作员)

Fulltime, Ethylene & Sulfur Derivatives

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  • HSES
  • 健康\安全\环境\保安
    • In all kinds of activities, plenty understand and comply with the HSE regulations.
    • 在各类活动中,充分地理解、运用并遵从各项HSE规程;
    • Take an active part in HSE activities or events organized by any layer of company, including safety meetings, job safety analysis, cleaning activities, trouble reports and  other security activities specified.
    • 积极参与各层组织的HSE活动或事件,包括安全会议、工作安全分析、清洁活动、隐患报告和其他指定的安全活动;
    • Expertly master all of the first aid facilities and the use of fire-fighting facilities in plant, and meet the requirement of company standards.
    • 熟练掌握工厂内所有的急救设施和消防设施的使用方法,并达到公司要求标准;
    • Expertly grasp all this emergency treatment plan in scope of work, and when the event occurs can be accurately performed according to plan.
    • 熟练掌握本工作区域内的所有的紧急处理预案,并在发生事件时能准确按预案执行;
    • Monitoring the foreign personnel who enter the work site area to ensure their behavior in the security.
    • 对进入本工作现场区域内的外来人员进行监控,确保该人员在区域内的行为安全;
    • Be an observer of BBS activities.
    • 作为BBS活动的观察者


  • Manufacturing Activities
  • 生产工作
    • In the daily production activities, comply with the SOP, excellently complete the daily production operation and the operation of the laboratory. Cooperate with production supervisor to eliminate various failures occurred in production process.
    • 日常生产活动中,遵守SOP的要求,高质量地完成日常生产操作和化验室的操作工作;积极配合生产主管消除生产过程中出现的各类故障。
    • Fill in all kinds of production related records, to ensure the correctness of data.
    • 认真填写各类生产相关记录,确保数据的无误性;
    • Strictly implement the system of inspection, keep relevant records.
    • 严格认真地执行巡检制度,做好相关记录;
    • Assist senior operator and other operators in the daily cleaning work in DCS room and field.
    • 协助高级操作员及其他操作员进行日常的DCS操作室和现场的卫生打扫工作;
    • Transfer operations to next shift team, according to handover institution.
    • 按照交接班管理制度执行交接班工作;
    • Assist supervisor to respond to the start up effectively in various cases, to perform other tasks assigned by supervisor in time.
    • 能协助主管有效应对各种情况下的开停车工作,及时完成主管指派的其他任务
    • Analysis of the problems existing in the work, find the root cause if possible, and assist production supervisor to solve problems in time.
    • 分析工作中存在的问题,找到可能的根本原因,并及时协助生产主管解决存在的问题。
    • Deal with equipment according to the requirement of the work permits and send to the maintenance department, participate in equipment maintenance during the shut down/ repair of process. Lead the team to complete complex work.
  • 按工作许可证的要求处理设备后交给维修部门,在停工维修期间参与设备维修。能带领工作小组完成较复杂的工作。


  • Communication
  • 沟通
    • Communicate effectively about the production, maintenance and safety concerns in shift team.
    • 在班组内有效的沟通生产、维修和安全相关事宜。
    • Report in time, for example security incident report, shift report, production report and so on.
    • 及时书面报告,如安全事件报告、班组报告、生产纪录等;
    • Effectively support quality, maintain, warehouse, contractor.
    • 有效支持质量、维修、工厂仓库、承包商;
    • Take an active part in all kinds of training, to ensure have a good performance of training.
    • 积极参加公司组织的各项培训,确保培训成绩达标;
    • Take an active part in BAPP and other correlated activities which promoting the construction of enterprise culture, and complete tasks
    • 积极参加BAPP等有关推进企业文化建设的相关活动,并完成工作任务;
  • Educational background: secondary vocational school education degree or above
  • 教育背景:高中或中专及以上教育背景;
  • Language skills: ordinary reading and written skills in English
  • 语言能力:简单的英语读写能力;
  • The production ability: have the basic ability of DCS or on-site operation, have process knowledge about this position
  • 生产技能:掌握本岗位的DCS或现场操作,并具备本岗位生产必须具备的工艺技术知识;
  • Special skills: can use SAP and Proficy production system.
  • 特殊技能:能使用SAPProficy的生产系统;
  • External candidates: have >5 year of experience in a production position in a hazardous chemical manufacturing environment.
  • 外部候选人:5年以上直接从事危险化学品生产操作经验;

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31 Dec 2020
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Ethylene & Sulfur Derivatives
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