Thioplast EPS80

Product Line Thioplast - polysulfides

Nouryon's fast-curing epoxy-terminated polysulfide polymer. Thanks to the aromatic end-groups, this grade is curing quickly, even at room temperature. As the other Thioplast® EPS grades, this grade combines the excellent properties of polysulfides with the most desirable features of epoxy-resin systems to yield: excellent primerless adhesion to many surfaces (e.g. steel, aluminum or concrete), high impact resistance, even at low temperatures, high thermo cycling stability, chemical resistance to oil, fuels, dilute acids, alkalis, solvents and sea water, very high flexibility, good weathering properties and corrosion protection. Thioplast® EPS can either be used alone or in combination with conventional epoxy resins to produce high-performance heavy-duty adhesives and coatings. Manufacturers from the automotive, marine or chemical industries rely on Thioplast® EPS grades.


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Thioplast EPS80 (Thioplast - polysulfides)

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Thioplast EPS80 (Thioplast - polysulfides)

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    Liquid polysulfide polymer with epoxy end groups
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    Thioplast® EPS80 could be used in application of flexible, crack bridging and corrosionresistant coatings for concrete and steel. Furthermore, Thioplast® EPS80 is applied in formulations of adhesives, sealants and is being used as flexible reactive diluents for high viscos Epoxies. Thioplast® EPS80 combines the outstanding chemical / physical properties of Thioplast® G, liquid Polysulfide polymers, with the benefits of the Epoxy-chemistry. Further advantages of Thioplast® EPS80 are; Improve the flexibility of standard Bisphenol A, A/F and F based Epoxies, Imrove the impact and thermal shock resistance, Excellent water and corrosion resistance, Resistance to a variety of aggressive chemicals, fuels and other oil products. Thioplast® EPS80 is used as additive in two-component Epoxy-systems. Curing at room and elevated temperature (max. temp. approx. 150C/300F). Typical curatives are aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines. Thioplast® EPS80 is chemically compatible with most of Bisphenol A, A/F, F and Novolac-Epoxies.

Use Cases

Building and construction


polysulfide, Epoxy-functionalized


  • Reactive Thinner,
  • Sealant


  • Adhesives,
  • Sealant
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