An effective solution: hybrid polymers

Looking to inhibit scale formation and disperse soils more sustainably? If so, hybrid polymers may be an effective solution.

Produced partly from renewable feedstocks, these products offer dependable performance, biodegradation and a higher RCI% than synthetic polymers.

Polyacrylic acid (PAA) based water-soluble polymers are used frequently in the cleaning and water treatment industries to address issues caused by hardness ions present in water. They are useful for controlling scale formation, dispersing inorganic materials and sequestering cations.

Although very effective, PAA’s are produced from hydrocarbon sources and offer no or very limited biodegradation. Hybrid polymers provide a more sustainable replacement, combining the benefits of both natural and synthetic raw materials to create macromolecules that deliver similar performance and handling to PAA’s. They also have a high renewable carbon index, are more readily biodegradable and have a reduced lifecycle impact (lower CO2 emissions in production).

More biodegradable water-soluble polymers

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