Enhancing the quality and efficiency of animal feed production 

To feed the world’s growing population, it is also necessary to provide food for the estimated 150 billion livestock animals worldwide.

To help solve this global challenge, we produce emulsifiers and feed additives used in the manufacturing of animal nutrition products and improve the overall quality of feed consumed by billions of livestock animals across the globe.

Our animal-feed solutions also increase the efficiency of the feed-production process, allowing manufacturers to produce higher volumes of animal nutrition products using less energy and natural resources.

This is just one way we at Nouryon are contributing to global food security and creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

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High-performance additives for improved feed production

Akucell®, Bredol®, and Cekol® CMC are cellulosic-based emulsifiers used as viscosity builders, suspension agents and binders in a variety of feed production applications.

Our full range of emulsifier products can be applied in pelleting & extrusion, calf milk replacers, microemulsions, aquaculture and other market segments and applications. 

Nouryon is committed to strong health, safety, and sustainability objectives in the manufacturing of our products. Bredol, Akucell CMC and Cekol CMC products are all produced according to FAMI-QS standards.

Bredol® emulsifier applications

Pelleting & Extrusion
Enjoy greater flexibility in choice of liquids and dry raw materials, improve your process technology, and overcome obstacles in production and handling.

Calf Milk Replacers
Utilise Bredol® as an emulsifier and wetting aid for foam inhibition and dust reduction.

Achieve production of long-term stable emulsions of vitamins, essential oils, fatty acids and other additives.

Use as an extrusion aid for increased pellet durability, reduced drying and improved sinkability.

A cow, a frenzy of fish being fed, two fish eating fish feed, and a pile of brown animal pellets.

Akucell® and Cekol® CMC applications

Aquafeed Pelleting
Achieve efficient binding capacity in aquafeed with excellent water holding capacity.

Liquid supplements
Acts as a cost-effective suspension aid and thickener to stabilize liquid supplements containing minerals and other additives. Ensures even distribution and delivery of nutrients.

Pet food
Provides uniform thickening and increases palatability of wet pet food (gravies, jellies, creams, etc.). Allows for fast hydration of gravy coated kibbles.


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