Non-ionic surfactants

Alone or as part of a winning team, our non-ionic surfactants are your secret ingredient to achieve outstanding performance with your formulation.

Non-ionic surfactants can be a powerful and versatile addition to any formulator’s toolbox. Using a wide range of chemical building blocks, we shift the balance toward a more hydrophobic or hydrophilic product and change the surfactant’s functional properties to provide measurable performance benefits in diverse applications.

A lack of charge makes non-ionic surfactants compatible with both cationic and anionic surfactants, as well as other key ingredients commonly used in formulations, making them ideal for developing mixed systems in which each individual component contributes to creating superior results.

Functions that can be optimized by incorporating the right non-ionic surfactant include detergency, wetting, emulsification, foam stabilization or defoaming, viscosifying and solubilization.

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