Creating more sustainable solutions to feed a growing global population

Nouryon produces innovative agriscience solutions that increase the performance of seed, crop protection, crop nutrition and animal feed products farmers depend on to produce high-yielding crops and healthy livestock.

We work directly with farmers and agribusinesses, to create specialty adjuvants and formulation aids that promote global food security and sustainability by helping to increase food production while reducing impact to environment.

We provide solutions for three segments within the agricultural industry.

Crop protection: adjuvants, emulsifiers, dispersants, solvents, and other formulation aids that increase the effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, biologicals, and seed treatment products.

Crop nutrition: chelated micronutrients that aid in the development of healthy, high-yielding crops – especially in areas not suited for agricultural production.

Animal nutrition: specialty additives and emulsifiers used to improve the overall quality of animal feed products while reducing energy and resource consumption during the manufacturing process.

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