Creating innovative and efficient hair and skin care products using sustainable ingredients that don't compromise on performance. 

Our technologies and expertise deliver the essential functionalities you need to create the finest and efficient personal care products, meeting market trends with sensorial characteristics and benefits that match consumer expectations. 
Our range of aesthetic modifiers, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, film-formers, chelates, emulsifiers, eco-friendly propellants, stabilizers, cleansing and suspending/gelling agents, and active ingredients provide formulators with easy-to-use solutions for developing more sustainable products.

Our scientific approach to innovation and best-in-class technologies -- biopolymers, synthetic polymerschelates, cationic surfactants and fatty amines, anionic surfactants, cellulose gums, dimethyl etherhydrogen peroxide, sodium and potassium hydroxide -- is the backbone of our specialty ingredient development.  

In addition to specialty ingredients for consumer-end product formulations, we supply MCA (monochloroacetic acid) for production of amphoteric surfactants. Our ethylene amines and ethanolamines act as key building blocks in the manufacturing of ingredients used in personal care applications.

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Featured applications

New Product Spotlight: Amaze® Nordic Barley

Learn about our new 100% natural, unmodified, COSMOS approved starch ideal for skincare, suncare, haircare and colour cosmetics formulations. It has excellent microbial purity and is produced without the requirement for irradiation or other treatments.

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