Cationic surfactants and fatty amines

We offer an extensive range of C8 to C22 primary, secondary and tertiary amines and fatty amine derivatives, mostly based on natural feedstocks.

Protonation, alkylation and ethoxylation further expand the product line to meet the needs of any cationic surfactant user searching for chemical intermediates, essential processing aids and functional ingredients in many formulations and applications.

Our cationic surfactants provide emulsification, foaming, wetting and thickening, while their power to modify surfaces imparts benefits such as softening, corrosion inhibition, adhesion, anti-static properties, lubrication and hydrophobation.

Formation of complexes between cationic surfactants and anionic species with very low solubility in water leads to flocculation, ion exchange and decolorization, properties that find utility in areas as diverse as water treatment, sugar refining and the production of organoclays.

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