Proven high-quality products for asphalt applications

Bitumen emulsifiers, adhesion promoters/antistrips and warm mix additives for the road and paving industry

We deliver bitumen emulsifiers, adhesion promoters/antistrips and warm mix additives from our worldwide manufacturing locations, and we provide quality technical support for the road construction and maintenance industry from our various technical centers around the world.

Working with us gives you access to proven high-quality products for all asphalt applications, a highly skilled team dedicated to our customers, and technical support based on local specifications and materials.

Featured applications

Adhesion promoters/antistrips - improving pavement's durability and life expectancy

In developed countries, road maintenance or reconstruction are the primary road paving activities. In developing countries, the focus is more on construction of road networks. In both cases, the durability and life expectancy of the asphalt pavement is of vital importance.

Wetfix®, Redicote®, Kling Beta® adhesion promoters/antistrips create a strong chemical bond between bitumen and aggregate and these bonds are resistant to the action of water which extends the durability of the pavement.

  • Hot/warm mix
  • Hot applied surface dressing/chip seal
  • Cutback applications
  • Patch mix and more

Bitumen emulsifiers (asphalt emulsifiers) - versatile products for all applications

Asphalt emulsion applications are cost effective, consume less energy, and have a low impact on the environment. With our comprehensive range of Redicote® emulsifiers, you can customize emulsions to suit your local requirements using local raw materials. According to our customers across the globe, our products work with many different kinds of aggregates and bitumen, including polymer modified bitumen in all climatic conditions.

  • Prime and tack coat
  • Fog and slurry seal
  • Surface dressing/chip seal
  • Micro surfacing
  • Cold mix
  • Cold recycling and more

Warm mix applications - minimizes the environmental impact

The use of warm mix asphalt technology to reduce emissions during mix production and paving at lower temperatures not only reduces CO2 emissions but also helps to reduce the amount of expensive fuel needed. Our asphalt additives are designed to work with local materials that may be prone to stripping, and our portfolio includes additives specially designed to work with mixes containing RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements). Use of recycled materials greatly enhances sustainability.

Rediset® LQ warm mix additives provide certain unique benefits, including lowering mixing and compaction temperatures. Rediset® additives provide superior compaction and improved moisture resistance, thereby resulting in longer lasting roads.

  • Mixes containing a high amount of RAP
  • Difficult-to-compact mixes
  • To extend the paving season whith providing moisture resistance

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