A wide range of solution polymers, emulsion polymers and thick gums

Solution polymers provide dispersion, threshold inhibition, crystal modification, hydrotropic functionality, electronical conductivity and film forming properties.

Our solution polymers are used primarily in the water treatment, detergent, industrial cleaning, oilfield, electronics, agriculture, mining, paints and coating industries. We offer a large toolbox of monomers to produce acrylic, maleic, sulfonated homopolymers and copolymers with a wide molecular weight range from 600 daltons to 1 million daltons. Using our patented fluorescent monomers, we can monitor polymer dosage and coverage. Additionally, we manufacture unique hydrophobically modified anionic polymers as well as cationic and amphoteric polymers. Our hybrid polymers offer a high-performance, cost-effective biodegradable alternative to synthetic polymers.

Our Alcogum® emulsion polymers, which act as rheology modifiers on the acid and alkaline end of the pH scale, are sold in the paper, paint, coating, industrial cleaning, detergent, and ink and dye industries. Our gums are pre-neutralized rheology modifiers for mid-range pH areas, such as thickening latex. These materials have a high viscosity and are low solids. Our newest patented core shell rheology modifiers give microgel type rheology, differentiating their performance from traditional emulsion polymers.

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