High performance CMC suitable for use in a variety of applications

CMC is an anionic water soluble polymer based on renewable cellulosic raw material. It functions as rheology modifier, retains water and is an excellent film former. These attributes make it a preferred choice as a bio-based hydrocolloid in multiple applications.

We have produced CMC/cellulose gum since 1944 and our brands are recognized worldwide. The provide tailored-solutions and value to a wide range of industries.

For the food and beverage industry, Akucell® and Cekol® cellulose gums high purity grades provide multiple benefits such as improved mouthfeel and protein stabilization. Moreover, these grades can be used in various personal care and pharmaceutical applications.

Finnfix® CMC act as flow control agent, provide excellent water retention and have a good film forming capability. These properties provide value for multiple industrial applications such as paper surface treatment, mining, fabric care, textile and ceramics.

Products in our Celect® CMC portfolio are specifically developed for mining flotation application. Additionally, our Peridur® products provide binder benefits to pelletization applications.

Oilfield and gas industry are widely using our Staflo® and Gabroil™ PAC and CMC grades to control the fluid loss and provide desired rheology.


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Akucell®, Cekol®, Finnfix®, Celect®, Peridur®, and Staflo® are registered trademarks of Nouryon in several countries worldwide. Gabroil is a trademark of Nouryon.

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