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Nouryon’s journey with SAP Ariba

In 2019 Nouryon improved its purchasing processes by adopting the leading cloud procurement solution SAP Ariba. The Nouryon procurement teams are continuously working on the implementation of Ariba best practices.

Currently there are multiple exciting Ariba programs being implemented. Ariba Contracting and, an important next phase in our Supplier Enablement program, E-invoicing for Non-Product Related spend.

Processing PO’s via the Ariba Network for Non-Product Related spend E-invoicing via the Ariba Network for Non-Product Related spend
Nouryon - how to become a registered supplier on SAP Ariba  


Processing PO’s

via the Ariba Network for Non-Product Related spend

"Online visibility of all document types in your Ariba Network account (POs, Service Entry Sheets, Order Confirmation, Advanced Shipping Notice, Invoices) eliminating the need to contact Nouryon for status updates. This real-time view will significantly reduce your administrative overhead of doing business with Nouryon."

Valentina Ericson
Global NPR Procurement Director Nouryon

Nouryon Supplier Enablement program

E-invoicing via the Ariba Network for NPR spend is being rolled out in 2020 as part of the Nouryon Supplier Enablement program.

Our aim is to achieve 100% touchless and paperless transactions. Therefore, we invite and strongly request your company to participate in this key initiative.

Below you can find Nouryon’s easy to access information concerning E-invoicing.

For more extended information, please visit the Ariba Supplier Portal

The ADAPT Training Site allows suppliers to learn how to configure and use their Ariba Network account. It includes plenty of details and screenshots to support suppliers even in more complex operations. The information is organized in easily digestible chunks and allows for easy navigation. This site will be common to all suppliers on Ariba Network, and even accessible (in a few weeks) from and from the Help Center.

"Our goal is to move to 100% touchless and paperless transactions. By having our suppliers submitting Service Sheets electronically and sent electronic invoices that will flow directly into Nouryon’ s systems for processing, we ensure better quality & control of our Purchase to Pay process."

Pieter van der Stok
Director Accounting & Reporting Nouryon


via the Ariba Network for Non-Product Related spend

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