Announcement: Nouryon Vendor Portal

Nouryon’s global reputation for delivering essential and sustainable solutions to customers relies on a strong supply network backed by transparent and effective communications.

To enhance our vendor experience, Nouryon launched a web-based self-service Vendor Portal in the 2nd half of 2023.

The new Vendor Portal provides an organized system to simplify and streamline Invoice Reconciliation. It also provides Payment Status in an online environment that allows for near real-time communication and updates for transactions. Some of the other services that are managed in the Vendor Portal include:

  • Payment records
  • Billing information
  • Invoice submission references
  • Query submission is encouraged via vendor portal.

Invoice submission via AP Email addresses will continue to be available. Vendors who do not submit invoices today via Account Payable email boxes but via other means (ARIBA, TMS, etc.), will continue to do so, but can come to Vendor Portal to use these other functionalities. Subsequently, query submission via query mailboxes to the RAC’s will be eliminated at a later date.

We are also excited to announce that our Vendor Portal is now available in 7 additional languages, in addition to English, effective September 25th, 2023. This enhancement reflects our commitment to fostering strong and seamless relationships with our global Vendors, suppliers and partners.

The supported languages are:
Languages English Spanish Portuguese Finish German Swedish Chinese Japanese

This update will enable our valued vendors to access and navigate the portal in their preferred language, promoting clearer communication and smoother interactions.

We appreciate your continued dedication to our vendor partnerships and look forward to further strengthening our collaborations through this enhanced accessibility.

To access the portal please follow the link below.

Go to the Vendor Portal

Please contact to get more details and registration support.

Thank you,
Vendor Portal Team

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