Improve the properties of recycled polyolefins
with our latest product innovations

The issues being debated daily in the recycling industry are many. While brand owners are committing to bold recycled content claims and legislations are being developed to push for recycling and establish governance, problems such as quality and availability of recyclate could hinder the development of this industry.

We identified 3 main issues:

  1. Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) is only available with a restricted MFI range
  2. Properties of PCR are inferior to virgin plastics
  3. PCR is an inconsistent mixture with wide Molecular Weight distribution (MWd)

We provide solutions for all three issues, bringing to the recycling industry not only improved quality and availability of recyclate but also higher flexibility and more opportunities. In fact, our products enable recyclers to produce many polypropylene grades from available waste streams. Moreover they give recyclers and compounders the possibility to expand the range of applications.

Our products are used at the end of the Mechanical Recycling process, during the extrusion step. Activated by temperature, they decompose to generate reactive radicals that modify the recyclate. Only traces of their presence are left in the final recyclate, at levels of only parts per million, (ppm level) allowing 100% recycled content claims.

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