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From household degreasers to the toughest industrial and institutional cleaning solutions, we continue discovering innovative ways to provide our partners with environmentally friendly, natural and cost-effective products. 

Household and institutional cleaning formulators can perform their magic with our broad range of essential ingredients and technologies including chelating agentsbiocides, cationic surfactants and fatty amines, non-ionic and anionic surfactantshybrid polymers, synthetic polymerscelullose etherscolloidal silica,as well as  hydrogen peroxide.

Contact us today for more product information and sample requests. Also, check out our new polymeric thickening agents and moisturizing active for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

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We are developing new sustainable solutions worldwide that create long term value for our customers.

Enabling our customers to meet their sustainability goals


Cleaning products that are safer for the environment are part of a global trend to embrace and protect the world we live in. Our commitment to developing essential chemistries for a sustainable future continues driving the science behind our existing and new portfolio of eco-friendly solutions such as:

Featured applications

Hand Sanitizers
Structure® 2020 and Celquat® SC-230M

The unprecedented global demand for hand sanitizers has stripped the supply of the inert thickening ingredients used to create such sanitizer formulations. Our two new thickening ingredients that can be used by formulators to create clear viscous gel for both ethanol and 2-propanol based formulations for use as hand sanitizers.

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Alcoguard®, Berol®, Dissolvine®, Finnfix® and Levasil® are registered trademarks of Nouryon in several countries worldwide.

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