A growing share of bio-based and biodegradable products and circular raw materials

We work together with customers, suppliers, universities, and other partners to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that have smaller footprints or enable our customers to be more sustainable. These include a growing share of bio-based and biodegradable products and recently introduced, circular raw materials.

Megatrends drive growth opportunities with higher performing and more complex solutions

Our end-markets are driven by societal megatrends and the associated trends influencing our customers, among them, increasing demand for: eco-friendly and more-natural, bio-based products; renewable energy and raw materials; biodegradable solutions; reduced carbon emissions, and recycling improvements.

Our sustainability pillars;  Innovating and Growing our Sustainable Solutions

Key facts


strategically located Innovation and Application Centers


retention rate over the past six years of our top 250 customers



of our R&D product pipeline is focused on solutions with sustainability benefits in 2023

Eco-Premium Solutions and Eco-Solutions are fundamental drivers of our sustainability agenda 

At the heart of our innovation philosophy are Eco-Premium Solutions that offer substantial sustainability benefits over mainstream alternatives in the market, while still delivering the same or superior product performance. In 2023, 32% of revenue came from our Eco-Premium Solutions.

To highlight the crucial sustainability value drivers within our end-markets, we have introduced a new metric for our product innovation pipeline, named Eco-Solutions. These are product and product line innovations that we plan to introduce in the future based on success. In 2023, 74% of our R&D product pipeline included Eco-Solutions.

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Product innovations - A growing portfolio of sustainble solutions

Our product innovations are increasingly focused on bio-based, biodegradable, and circular solutions, including natural polymers in Home and Personal Care and cellulose-based raw materials in Paints and Coatings. Other innovations include our range of biodegradable and bio-based products, such as chelating agents, surfactants, and polymers based on natural materials.

Did you know?

Personal care products receive Ringier Technology Innovation Awards in China

Nouryon achieved notable recognition in the Chinese market in 2023, as two of our personal care products, Amaze® SP Polymer and ElfaMoist® AC Humectant, were awarded the prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Award in the categories of Functional Ingredients and Effective Ingredients, respectively.

Amaze® SP Polymer, a 100% natural, bio-based, and biodegradable hair control polymer, offers weightless, invisible styling. ElfaMoist® AC Humectant is lauded for its superior penetration and deposition properties, providing non-sticky, quick, and long-lasting skin moisturizing efficacy.

Expancel® HP92 microspheres innovation reduces weight, withstands high pressure

Breaking boundaries for thermoplastic microsphere fillers in high-pressure manufacturing processes for the automotive industry

Expancel® HP92 microspheres

A closer look....energy saving cool-roof coatings

We combined our Expancel (expandable microspheres) and Levasil (colloidal silica) technologies to create a concept for cool roof coatings. This combination makes it possible for customers to produce coatings that resist dirt and are highly reflective.

The higher reflectivity reduces absorption of heat into buildings, which means less need for cooling, increased energy efficiency, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. These coatings can reduce roof temperatures by up to 15 degrees Celsius and cooling energy used by over 40%.

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A natural alternative paint thickener

Bermocoll® Flow combines the flow and levelling properties of an associative synthetic thickener with...

Bermocoll® Flow

A closer look....sustainable pulp production

We are the largest global supplier of sodium chlorate and the leading supplier of chlorine dioxide generators and Integrated Manufacturing Models to the global pulp industry. We are also committed to continually delivering pioneering solutions to the global pulp and paper industry. Learn more about our pioneering solution for the pulp and paper industry:

  • Sustainable manufacturing processes, reducing environmental footprint
  • Proximity to customer point-of-use reduces transportation, increasing eco-efficiency and safety
  • Energy derives from the pulp mill (biomass)

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First Chinese CID License for Leading PVC Producer

Our customers around the world are demanding more sustainable solutions and are therefore making the shift to CID technology for PVC production. This technology allows customers to increase reactor output, while improving productivity and energy consumption, product quality, and operational safety.

Continuous Initiator Dosing (CID) technology

Cases - Growing sustainable solutions

News - Growing sustainable solutions

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