A natural replacement for associative synthetic thickeners in decorative paint

Bermocoll® Flow cellulose ether is a new type of hydrophobically modified cellulose ether for use as a rheology modifier in decorative all-acrylic latex paints for interior or exterior use.

Bermocoll® FLOW Cellulose ether is a highly associative, ultra-low viscosity cellulose ether with exceptional flow created to bridge the gap between associative synthetic thickeners and hydrophobically modified cellulose ether (HM-CE) thickeners. It maintains the stabilizing character of a cellulosic thickener while incorporating the flow and leveling properties of synthetic thickeners, making it especially suited for high-end, low VOC formulations
where the carbon footprint is important.

Depending on the formulation, Bermocoll® FLOW Cellulose ether is intended to provide improved flow and leveling and eliminate complex combinations of
thickeners to achieve the optimal paint rheology profiles.

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Benefits of Bermocoll® FLOW Cellulose ether:

A new type of hydrophobically modified Bermocoll® Cellulose ether with exceptional flow which can replace associative synthetic thickeners (e.g.
HEUR thickeners)

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Can reduce cost and formulation complexity

Performs particularly well in all-acrylic formulations for interior and exterior

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Especially suited for low-VOC formulations and airless spray applications

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