Bermocoll FLOW

Product Line Cellulose ethers

Bermocoll® FLOW is an associative non-ionic, water-soluble cellulose ether that improves the rheological properties of water based paints. The specifications may be subject to change.

  • Brand

  • Chemical family

    Cellulose ether
  • Chemical name

    Ethyl hydroxyethyl cellulose
  • Applications

    Bermocoll® FLOW is a new type of hydrophobically modified cellulose ether for use as a rheology modifier in latex paints. Depending on the formulation, Bermocoll® FLOW is intended to provide improved flow and leveling and eliminate complex combinations of thickeners to achieve the optimal paint rheology profiles. In order to facilitate dispersion in water, Bermocoll® FLOW has been treated to give a pH-dependent dissolving. It should be added to neutral or slightly acid water. To speed up the dissolving process, pH should be increased to above 8 by using alkaline ingredients such as ammonia or alkaline pigment dispersants. If adjustment of the final paint viscosity is necessary, a highly concentrated slurry either in water or in an organic solvent should be used. It is not recommended to add Bermocoll® FLOW as a dry powder after pigment grinding, due to the risk of lump formation under the alkaline conditions at that stage.

Market Segments

Paints, coatings and inks


  • Rheology Modifier
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