Ethical Conduct and Our Values

Ethical business conduct is a core element of our strategy for growth and success and incorporated in our company values: We Aim High, We Own It, and We Do it Right.

High expectations

Every employee is expected to understand and comply with our values, in addition to all company policies, laws and the guiding ethical principles outlined in our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Similarly, we have high business partner expectations and them to adopt ethical and conscientious business practices. Our robust Governance and Risk management capabilities form the core of our operations.

Emphasis on Ethics & Employee Awareness

We cultivate a culture of high performance, which includes being highly accountable, acting with integrity, and embodying ethical business practices. We also continuously scrutinize our internal practices through internal and external assessments and have procedures for taking appropriate corrective action when we identify conduct that falls below our high standards. Similarly, we have high standards for business partners, as evidenced in our Business Partner Code of Conduct, which our partners are expected to adopt. This ensures that our commitment to ethical conduct extends beyond our Company to our wider network of partners. This commitment is essential to our strategy for growth and success.


Speak up! Ethics hotline and Non-Retaliation Policy

100% of our in-scope employees completed mandatory Compliance trainings

Conflict-minerals policy, risk assessment, and due diligence.

Modern-slavery and forced-labor risk assessment.

Did you know?

Maharashtra State Best Employer Brand Award 2023 for Nouryon India

Nouryon India was recognized with the Maharashtra State Best Employer Brand Award 2023, a prestigious recognition endorsed by the World HRD Congress, CHRO Asia, and the World Federation of Human Resources Professionals. The award acknowledges organizations in Maharashtra, India, that demonstrate exceptional Human Resources practices and effective use of marketing communications for HR development. The award assessment considered factors such as HR strategy alignment with business goals, future readiness, talent management, recruitment strategies, employee engagement, wellness initiatives, empowerment of women, and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives undertaken by Nouryon India.

Encouraging Everyone to SpeakUp!

We thrive on a culture of high performance, which includes always acting with integrity and embodying ethical business practices. All employees complete several mandatory compliance trainings on ethical business conduct and our Code each year. We also continuously scrutinize our internal practices through internal and external assessments and have procedures for taking immediate action when we identify conduct that falls below our high standard.

When it comes to reporting any kind of concern, Nouryon employees, suppliers, customers, and other business partners can report all suspected policy violations, inappropriate behavior, and illegal or unethical practices through SpeakUp!, our global reporting hotline.

SpeakUp! is available 24-hours per day in 30 different languages. We also have a Non-Retaliation Policy (whistleblower protection) for good faith reporting of concerns, which applies to all employees. We will not tolerate retaliation against any employee who makes such a report.

In 2023, all SpeakUp! concerns were registered and resolved within an average of 30 days.

Ethics hotline

Compliant Partners

A good reputation is essential in the global marketplace. Our customers are increasingly concerned with the ethical standards of their suppliers and partners, and when companies decide to begin or expand a business relationship, the reputation of a company is an important factor.

Similarly, we expect our business partners to adhere to our Business Partner Code of Conduct, which covers compliance with laws and regulations; safety; standards for ethical and responsible business conduct and practices; treatment of individuals and fundamental human rights within supply chains; exclusion of conflict minerals; and fraud prevention. We only conduct business with suppliers, customers, and other business partners who share and support our standards. Any breach or violation can prompt Nouryon to reassess business relationships. We continuously monitor the conduct of our third parties for any potential bribery, corruption, environmental, labor or other regulatory compliance issues, taking appropriate action where necessary.

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Ethical supply chain practices

We encourage our suppliers to join us in our journey towards a sustainable future, ensuring that they evolve in sustainability in tandem with Nouryon and our customers. We are committed responsible, transparent and ethical practices throughout our supply chain and our suppliers are required to agree to our Business Partner Code of Conduct which outlines our expectations in terms of compliance, safety, ethics, human rights, fraud prevention, and sustainability support.

We promote sustainable sourcing practices, and the ethical conduct of our suppliers is assessed e.g. through Conflict Minerals and Modern Slavery/Forced Labor due diligence processes for in-scope suppliers. More information is outlined in our Conflict Minerals Policy.

Our compliance program and Code are essential elements of our day-to-day business operations to ensure the safety of our employees.

Sustainable sourcing Position statements

Two men discussing ethical business behavior and sourcing


Diversity is a core element of our culture and necessary to support our global workforce and business success. We believe that having a commitment from all of our employees to maintain our diverse culture is essential for a respectful and safe workplace environment.

This commitment helps us achieve strategic priorities, such as fostering innovation and attracting and retaining top talent. We have also identified key learning institutions and universities around the world with which we collaborate and connect for internships, talent acquisition (including diverse talent), and research, in addition to learning and development opportunities for our current employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to our communities is reflected in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework. This pragmatic, volunteerism-based approach, supplemented by corporate donations and engagement, allows us to actively participate in community engagement initiatives.

The celebration of Safety Day 2023 included the launch of Nouryon Cares, a fresh approach that highlights how we exhibit care for ourselves, our colleagues, and our communities. The community initiatives under Nouryon Cares are centered around STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), sustainability and environmental stewardship, safety and health, and cultivation of an innovative culture of responsible citizenship and global business collaborations. When it comes to caring for our communities, we have witnessed an exceptional display of volunteerism and philanthropy from our global locations.

CSR framework

Nouryon employees on Safety Day 2023

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