Engaging and partnering with employees, customers, and suppliers to drive sustainable progress

We empower our people to successfully deliver on our Company Purpose and Strategy through our Values: ‘We aim high’, ‘We own it’, and ‘We do it right’. These form the backbone of our performance-driven culture.

Our people

We strive for a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment that reflects all employees’ unique experiences, perspectives, and potential. We firmly believe in providing our employees with the necessary resources to develop leadership capabilities and advance their careers. In addition to providing opportunities for specialized learning, we train our employees on our Values.

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36% gender and ethnic diversity

represented on our Board of Directors

Icon person

25% of mid-level managers

and above are female in 2022

Established Global I&D Network and Mentoring Program

Four Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

94% of suppliers

were assessed for CSR risk using the EcoVadis Risk IQ tool

Inclusion and Diversity

Nouryon fosters a safe, diverse and inclusive work environment to unlock the full potential of our global workforce, drive collaboration and innovation, and understand the unique needs of our customers. Our inclusive culture begins with our employees and is rooted in our Values and Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, which remind us to 'Aim high' and 'Do it right' as we continuously pursue an environment, in which every person feels welcomed and invited to share ideas and question the status quo. This ensures employees are continually reminded of their commitment to treating one another equally, regardless of age, race, national origin, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and to treating people with courtesy, dignity and respect as we work together to achieve results for our customers.

Improving and supporting diversity in our workforce is an ongoing process. In 2022, we began providing inclusive leadership training to leadership teams and to our emerging leaders through our Senior Leadership Development Program. We also began providing I&D training and updates to employees through a variety of channels. 

We will continue to assess the diversity of our workforce and actively monitor our progress and continually challenge ourselves to make improvements.

Inclusion & Diversity

Engaging with our communities

We operate factories around the world and we value our relationships with our local communities. Our approach to community engagement starts with the relations with neighboring stakeholders in our HSE Rules on Emergency Response and Community Awareness. Each site is audited on their performance to inform and involve the communities in which they operate.

While our core focus remains the safe and responsible supply of essential chemistry and maintaining a constructive dialogue with our stakeholders, these initiatives to give back help remind our people and partners of our commitment to society at large.

We actively engage and partner with our employees, customers, and suppliers to drive progress. Practical in nature and based on volunteerism, engagement, and corporate giving, it allows us to support community engagement initiatives, as seen in e.g. our Eagles Autism Foundation support and the Global Month of Service.

Safety program and performance

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework is a fundamental element of our ‘Commitment and contribution to a Sustainable Future,’ in which we strive to ENGAGE with our people, communities and society to drive progress together. Practical in nature and based on volunteerism, engagement, and corporate giving, it allows us to support community engagement initiatives.

CSR framework

Talent initiatives

In 2022, Nouryon welcomed approximately 1,350 new hires worldwide, representing an increase of nearly 30% over 2021. Our Employee Referral Program accounted for over 125 of them. Our ability to hire new talent is evidence of our appeal in the market as a young and growing company with a high-performance culture characterized by purpose, shared values, strong leadership, and a sense of community and accountability. 

We also aim to enhance our talent and expertise further, actively monitor our progress, and continually challenge ourselves to make improvements. Last year, we continued collaborating with several universities and organizations for talent attraction purposes, and in addition as diversity partners, working with these partners to identify, recruit and retain employees who reflect the communities and markets in which we operate. Examples of partnerships:partnerships engage talent.png

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Case: $300,000 for Autism Research and Care

As part of our pledge to engage and partner with our communities, Nouryon supports the Philadelphia-based Eagles Autism Foundation, which has been at the forefront of funding innovative research and fostering an environment that promotes inclusion, compassion, and acceptance – values that Nouryon is also committed to.

Cases - Engaging people, partners, and society

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