In the summer of 2023, Nouryon China sites made a significant impact by conducting their annual Open-to-Public Day events, engaging Nouryon employees and their families, and fostering transparent communications with local communities.

January 2024

In a vibrant display of commitment to the community and sustainable practices, Nouryon carried out a series of Open-to-Public (OTP) programs across its manufacturing sites in China, with the theme "Chemistry Enables Sustainable Future". The programs, which ran from July to September 2023, successfully engaged over 300 employees, their families, and members of the public.

Led by AICM (International Association of Chemical Manufacturers), 25 multinational chemical companies in China joined OTP in the last year. As a signature program and strong pillar supporting AICM’s Responsible Care® practice, the OTP programs serve as a vital communication platform that promotes the concept of a sustainable chemical industry and fosters open dialogue between industry stakeholders. At the AICM 2023 OTP Closing Ceremony held on January 9, 2024, Nouryon was honored with the Best OTP Practice Award.

Best OTP Practice Award by AICM

"As a leading global specialty chemicals company, we believe that it is our responsibility to grow together with our business stakeholders and to support the sustainable development of the chemical industry,” said Sobers Sethi, Senior Vice President of Emerging Markets and China at Nouryon. “Our community engagement programs play a significant role in upholding this commitment. I take immense pride in our team's endeavors in organizing these programs and positively impacting the Chinese chemical industry."

The OTP programs consisted of a variety of activities, including employee family days, community care initiatives, and safety programs, which served as a platform to interact with the public and stakeholders.

Nouryon Ningbo site Open-to-Public Day event - site employees make cake for the elderly

Highlights of 2023 Nouryon OTP programs:

  • Employee Family Day: From July to September, employee family day activities were held at the Nouryon Tianjin, Taixing, and Boxing sites. This annual event is an opportunity for Nouryon to engage with employees' families through activities such as environmental protection and energy-saving lectures, safety trainings, and children's drawing competitions. The programs also included awards ceremonies to honor high-performing employees. Through these activities, the Company not only highlighted sustainable operations and safety, but also showcased our commitment to the development and well-being of our employees and their families. In a first, the Tianjin site hosted an open day, inviting employees' families, and representatives from neighboring companies and the Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area, resulting in an engaging day with the stakeholders.
  • Care for the community and the elderly: Employees together with their families from the Nouryon Ningbo site visited a local Elderly Welfare Home. The visit included a donation of household appliances, performances by employees' children, and a safety knowledge sharing session. The day was topped off with a moon cake making activity to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Garbage cleanup in the community: The Nouryon Guangzhou site conducted a meaningful "Park Cleanup" activity with the objective of environmental protection and garbage sorting. Employees and their families collected and properly disposed of litter in a local park, reinforcing the company's values of sustainable development.

Reflecting on the success of the OTP programs, Marcus Van Tilborg, VP Operations APAC at Nouryon, said, “While our manufacturing sites in China have been participating in AICM's OTP program for more than a decade, 2023 represents the fifth anniversary of our association with this program as Nouryon. The successful execution of the OTP programs is a testament to our dedication to responsible care and our commitment to the communities where we operate."

Nouryon Guangzhou site Open-to-Public Day event - Garbage cleanup in the park
Nouryon Boxing site Open-to-Public Day event

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