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We supply specialty additives used in the production and processing of polymers, masterbatch production and other various compounds. With the continuing growth of plastic products, the availability of raw materials are becoming more important in today’s environmentally concerned world. Therefore, most of our products are guaranteed to be derived from a vegetable source and have food contact approval. 

Our range of polymer additives:

  • accelerators 
  • Nouryact® cobalt-free accelerators  
  • Ketjenblack® electroconductive carbon blacks
  • promoters 
  • inhibitors 
  • release agents 
  • high performance concentrates 
  • flame retardant synergists 
  • Armowax® processing aid

Nouryact® cobalt-free accelerators

They are copper and iron-based and can be considered as an alternative for conventional cobalt or amine-based accelerators. Nouryact® accelerators combine high reactivity with process flexibility to secure the desired mechanical properties in the required product cycle.

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