Nouryact cobalt-free accelerators

Butanox® M-50 is used for room temperature cure and is used in combination with a metal accelerator, often Cobalt, like our Accelerator NL-49PN for example. Cobalt however is subject to ECHA reclassification and may become a SVHC in due course. Nouryon already for years has a Cobalt-free accelerator portfolio under the name Nouryact®.

This portfolio has been thoroughly tested and proven suitable for use in combination with Butanox grades and in all standard available UP/VE and acrylic modified resins.

Nouryact accelerators are ready made accelerators for direct use in a standard cure system. In case you need more freedom to formulate your resins Cobalt-free there is the option to use the base technology for making Cobalt-free resins. This is what BluCure is about. The BluCure technology is licensed out to resin manufacturers to enable them to formulate their resins to Cobalt-free with the maximum degree of freedom to formulate. The BluCure seal is an additional option for labelling your end product and clearly mark it as Cobalt-free.