Thanks to high temperature tolerance our Levasil colloidal silica products are used as a binder in foundry applications.

PIC - precision investment casting

Producers of components used in hi-tech industries know that customer tolerance for imperfection is non-existent. Precision investment casting processes need to produce nearly flawless products.

Levasil colloidal silica offers several advantages. Besides increasing the capacity for greater mold intricacy, colloidal silica can withstand temperatures of 1500°C with little shrinkage and good resistance to thermal shock.

All components created with PIC can benefit from using colloidal silica including turbine blades for aerospace engines, turbines and turbo fans, components for the automotive industry and household appliances, and medical instruments and implants.

RFB - refractory fiber bonding

Manufacturers within the RFB and ceramics industries know that the tolerance to high temperatures is of paramount importance.

Levasil colloidal silica offers the perfect functional profile for these purposes thanks to its ability to withstand continuous operating temperatures of 1500°C with little shrinkage, excellent tolerance to thermal shock, and chemical inertness.

Commonly used as a binder in the manufacturing of large, molded, high-temperature insulation parts/blocks – mainly for steel, aluminum and glass industries and manufactured in a vacuum-forming process – colloidal silica will also increase the strength and resistance of products to oxidation and corrosion.

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Our portfolio covers the full range of properties from particle size, surface area, size distribution to surface modification. This allows us to deliver the perfect product for your application.

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