The single largest and most reliable global supplier of DME in the Western Hemisphere.

Our production facility located at Europoort, Rotterdam, The Netherlands is ideally positioned to serve both European as well as global DME consumers. Together with our trusted logistics partners, we serve customers globally from this manufacturing location.

DME is an eco-friendly propellant and blowing agent for your applications. It is widely used as propellant for aerosol products boasting unique properties such as solvency power and water miscibility.

Green DME is an eco-friendly product with a reduced carbon footprint; a special solution for which we have partners in the chain to support your needs. Green DME has the same properties as DME, with the main difference being the origin of feedstock used to produce DME (Bio-Methanol).

Chemical name

Dimethyl ether



Molecular weight


Density (liquid) at 20°C

0.669 g/ml

Pressure 20°C

4.1 bar(g)


Minimal 99.99 wt%


Typical, no residual odor

Boiling point


Volume expansion

1 to 350 x (from liquid to vapor state at 20°C)


Polar, water miscible, excellent and unique solvency power

Miscibility with water

Water in DME: 6 wt%

DME in water: 34 wt%

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