Expancel is a lightweight filler and blowing agent all in one. Its high performance opens a world of possibilities

It is a simple concept – a small thermoplastic microsphere encapsulating a gas. Add heat and the gas expands while the shell softens giving a dramatic increase in volume. This will help you:

  • cut manufacturing costs,
  • reduce weight,
  • improve yields,
  • minimize the use of resin,
  • create attractive textures and more.

Expancel FG for food packaging offers high compressibility, no shrinkage, no moisture absorption and is approved by regulatory authorities.

Expancel WE and Expancel DE for elastomeric cool-roof coatings gives superior reflectance and elasticity and reduces cost and weight.

Expancel DU and Expancel DE are used by the automotive industry to reduce weight, dampen sound and improve sealing.

Illustration showing how Expancel Microspheres blowing agents can expand up to 60 times in volume when heated without increasing in weight.
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New Expancel line for specialty thin coatings applications

The new Expancel Extra Small Microsphere (XSMS) line brings additional benefits to specialty thin coatings applications

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