The use of cool roof coatings with high solar reflecting properties is becoming more and more popular to reduce the need for air conditioning

Our Expancel microspheres are packed with powers that include high solar reflecting and thermal insulating properties and their proven track record for reflecting visible and near-infrared light makes them perfect for use in elastomeric cool roof coating formulations.

In addition, the elasticity of an elastomeric coatings with Expancel as a filler has proven to be more superior when compared to other alternatives – even when tested in severe weather conditions. This together with the closed cell structured microspheres makes Expancel the ideal addition in water proofing coatings.

To keep the cooling power, a cool roof coating must stay clean. This is where our Levasil CC products that enhance the anti-soiling properties have a key role to play

Elastomeric cool roof coatings are prone to dirt pick-up due to their tacky nature. Anti-soiling or DPUR (dirt pick-up resistance) is therefore a key parameter to be able to utilize the high solar reflecting properties of the cool roof coating. A simple solution is to add Levasil CC, our silane-modified colloidal silica, which significantly enhances the DPUR properties of the paint by reducing the tackiness.

It is also important that the coating firmly adheres to the substrate and expands and contracts with it upon temperature changes in order to also seal and waterproof the roof. The addition of colloidal silica improves adherence and mechanical properties of the coating without sacrificing coating elasticity and flexibility.

15-minute technical seminar 

At the latest European Coatings Show, Dr Jan Nordin, Senior Application Engineer, Expancel and Dr Peter Greenwood, Technical Development Manager, Levasil Colloidal Silica explained how the performance of elastomeric cool roof coatings can be enhanced by combining Expancel and Levasil in the paint formulation.

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