Thioplast® Polysulfides - the polysulfide polymer for superior chemical and solvent resistant sealants and adhesives

Thioplast® G polysulfides a liquid polysulfide polymer, is the leading product used to make polysulfide sealants and help manufacturers fully meet and exceed the uncompromising standards of the aerospace industry. 
Polysulfide sealants have excellent adhesive properties and gas tightness which guarantee superior insulation against cold and heat from the outside to save energy. Elasticity and pronounced chemical resistance are additional key properties of polysulfide sealants. 
In addition to the aerospace industry, you find polysulfide-based sealants performing exceptionally well at gas stations, bridges, facades, and runways. 
In our portfolio, we also have the Thioplast® EPS polysulfides product line. An epoxy terminated polysulfide polymer with low viscosity, which combines the excellent properties of Thioplast® G polysulfides with those of epoxy resins. Thioplast® EPS polysulfides is used in coatings and adhesives on various substrates such as steel, aluminum, and concrete, across a variety of applications including aerospace, automotive and construction.

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Do you want to lower your costs and make your sealants and adhesives lighter? With Expancel® Microspheres in the mix this can happen

A sealant that fails can have disastrous consequences in a building construction. You want to make sure it keeps its flexibility and durability. Our microspheres are compressible and resilient and will give you the flexibility that you are looking for.  
Are you a producer of PU, silicone, or acrylic sealants? Then Expancel® microspheres is especially suitable, but other systems are also possible. By varying the addition levels of Expancel® microspheres into your sealant or adhesive you can modify properties such as viscosity, adhesion, elongation, and hardness. Even if you are happy with the properties you already have, you can benefit from Expancel® microspheres. Use smaller amounts and with the volume the microspheres provide it will still mean cost savings on other raw materials and lower weight of your sealant or adhesive. 

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When used in waterborne adhesive formulations, Levasil® colloidal silica can significantly increase the thermal stability and mechanical strength of bonded joints 

Adhesives offer many advantages over other binding techniques. They facilitate the binding of different materials, distribute stress across the joint more efficiently, improve the esthetic outcome and they increase design flexibility. 
Depending on the specific application our Levasil® CT products can be added to improve heat resistance and shear strength and to reduce drying time. In addition, colloidal silica can be used to adjust the viscosity of adhesive formulations, without needing additional thickeners.

Two men and a woman brainstorming and putting up post-it stickers in different colors on to a glass wall. Levasil colloidal silica are used to improve performance of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).

Thioplast® G Polysulfides liquid polymers in bridges

Discover how our Thioplast® G Polysulfides product helps cables and other essential components resist corrosion.

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