Wide variety of curing agents

We offer the world's largest range of curing agents for unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins and (meth)acrylate resins.

Our products shape the world around us. We understand the future needs of the unsaturated polyester resin composite industry and are committed to helping you further improve your curing systems. We offer a full portfolio of high-quality organic peroxides and auxiliaries. Accompanied with safety support and technical support to help you improve the composite end products you manufacture. Innovation and sustainability is in the heart of our activities, we hereto also offer phthalate-free and cobalt-free cure systems for all thermoset applications.


Our curing systems for thermoset resins are found in a wide variety of manufactured goods, including pipes, yachts, storage tanks, wind turbines to biofiber-based composite bridges.
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Products for various applications

Growing together - safety online training for Thermoset

We are the global leader in safety. We offer an interactive online education program in 12 languages that covers all the leading, most current safety practices when handling our organic peroxides.

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Please watch the short video to learn more on the key safety aspects of organic peroxides and see how our safety services can support you.

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