We are the global number one producer of metal alkyls based on aluminum, magnesium, zinc and boron. We are also a major producer of complex metalorganic catalysts.

Each year, millions of tons of polyethylene, polypropylene and several types of synthetic rubbers are manufactured with our products. These polymers find their way into a wide variety of consumer products such as plastic packaging, toys and automotive parts.

Metal alkyls are also used as co-catalyst in a variety of related technologies, which are extensions of Ziegler chemistry. These include oligomerization of ethylene, dimerization and cyclodimerization of olefins and dienes and ring opening polymerization.

We supply our metal alkyls and custom synthesis from sites in: Jiaxing (recently acquired by Nouryon - Zhejiang Friend Chemical Co.), La Porte (Texas, USA), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), as well as from regional filling stations in Brazil and India.

Rotterdam metal alkyls production site. Organometallics, such as metal alkyls, metallocene catalysts and methylaluminoxanes are used in a wide range of applications. We are the global number one producer of metal alkyls, including aluminum, magnesium, boron and zinc alkyls.
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Nouryon is committed to sharing the knowledge about safe handling and transportation of our products. We offer an online training, in 10 languages, to provide our customers with essential safe handling guidelines.

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