Sodium chlorate is a powerful oxidizing agent. As the world leading producer, we can serve our customers with a reliable and sustainable supply.

Over 90% of all sodium chlorate (NaClO3) produced worldwide is used by the pulp and paper industry to generate chlorine dioxide – the critical component in elemental chlorine-free (ECF) pulp bleaching. Sodium chlorate is also used by many other industries as a specialty oxidant.

From production facilities in Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Finland, Sweden and USA, we package and ship sodium chlorate, under the brand name Eka® SC. We can deliver both crystal and liquid form, in bulk (railcars and tanker trucks) and big bags/supersacks.

Our excellent, global logistic capabilities include transportation by road, rail, sea or air (sample quantities only) according to specific packaging, vehicle and documentation requirements.

With the objective of reducing our carbon footprint we have focused our attention on reducing energy requirements for our sodium chlorate production.

Sodium chlorate is produced by the electrolysis of brine. This energy-intensive, multistage process is run in closed loop plants from which emissions are kept to a minimum. This requires maintaining good chemical balances and running with precise control. Thanks to advancements in our proprietary electrode design, we have been able to minimize the electrical power consumption, while maintaining product quality. The process also produces a valuable hydrogen gas co-product which is often utilized by our pulp mill customers to replace fossil fuels or sold to other business partners.

Whenever possible, we locate our manufacturing facilities where renewable energy sources are available. At our Integrated Manufacturing Model facilities we place our manufacturing facilities close to customer and chlorine dioxide production locations, where we can take advantage of available bio-based energy to produce chlorate.

Illustration showing the production process of sodium chlorate. Sodium chlorate is produced by the electrolysis of brine (sodium chloride and water)

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A sustainable solution for the pulp industry

The Integrated Manufacturing Model concept provides pulp mill customers with a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the production and supply of bleaching chemicals as well as services for other chemical processes.

Our first Integrated Manufacturing Model at Bahia, Brazil
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