Growth driven by innovation

We invest significantly in R&D

We create more profitable, safer, and more sustainable products and processes, develop our own capabilities, and improve the way we work. We believe that being open to the ideas and enthusiasm of outside collaborators will help our company achieve its maximum potential and lead the way to a more sustainable chemical industry. Simply, growth driven by innovation. 

Key figures

€100 million

per year invested in Research & Development (R&D)


We hold more than 5000 patents


Innovation centres.

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Even greater focus on... partnership

Our success has been built on partnerships, and now that we’re Nouryon, we’re putting even greater focus on meeting our customers’ needs and working with our partners to create value and mutual growth.

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Collaborative innovation

We believe that being open to the ideas and enthusiasm of outside collaborators will help our company achieve its maximum potential and lead the way to a more sustainable chemical industry. We therefore work closely with customers to develop solutions that meet their changing needs and forge partnerships with external parties such as startups whose unique ideas complement our experience, resources, and business needs.

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Go to our Open Innovation Space and learn more about work with us as equal partners to make the chemicals industry more sustainable.

Areas of interest includes key technologies related to our product portfolio, bio-based surfactants, waste-water treatment, cellulose technology, chloralkali and much more. 

Academic partnerships and programs

Examples includes the Impuls Program with the Technical University of Eindhoven, ARC-CBBC; our partnership with technology venture capital company Icos Capital; screening, scouting and venturing, our own global technology scouting team; S/Park, the open innovation campus at our Deventer research center and many more initiatives driven by our business units.

Our collaborative innovation program

Through our collaborative innovation program Imagine Chemistry we invite startups, scale-ups, university spin-outs, and other potential partners to work as equals and tackle chemistry-related challenges and uncover new ways to create value for customers. The program was first launched in 2017 and ran for 3 years.

Our innovation strategy

Much of our innovation efforts focus on three areas where we push the frontiers of chemical innovation and strive to remain a true sustainable innovation leader. Through initiatives which span our entire business, we are pushing new frontiers in:

Biomass to chemistry

Independence from fossil feedstocks

We are leveraging our heritage in surfactant and cellulose chemistry to create an industry independent of fossil feedstocks.


We continue to use partnerships to accelerate innovation and manage risk. With Itaconix we are developing several applications using their bio-based polymers.

Biobased solutions

We keep developing novel bio-based solutions within our businesses. Together with Renmatix for instance, we are developing biobased additives for paints.

Resource efficient polymer technologies

Circular chemistry

We are using our polymer expertise to drive the transition to circular chemistry. We are working with partners to develop an advanced facility to convert household waste to chemicals.

Helping customers

In close collaboration we support our customers to produce polymers sustainably. For example, our CiD technology increases PVC production capacity by 20-40% while improving quality, reducing costs, and making production safer.

Sustainable polymers

We have our own innovation programs on developing new, sustainable polymer solutions.

Green electrochemistry

Green energy

We create sustainable raw materials using green energy.

Innovating traditional processes

The creation of sustainable raw materials is done by innovating traditional processes and exploring new businesses.

Our R&D organization

The majority of our R&D budget is dedicated to growing our existing portfolio of innovative products and developing next generation products and technologies. This is managed by the individual Business Units and much of this work is done in collaboration with our customers. The deep knowledge of our customers' applications allows for focused, application-driven research and innovative customer support.

To support these efforts our Expert Capability Center Deventer provides deep expertise and high-level facilities in the fields of measurement and analytical sciences, materials technologies and environmental testing.

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