38% percent of our 2021 revenue came from products in our Eco-Premium Solutions portfolio, reflecting strong demand for products that offer significant sustainability benefits.

What is an Eco-Premium Solution?

Our Eco-Premium Solutions are products that offer significant sustainability benefits over mainstream alternatives in the market while providing the same or better functionality. The sustainability benefits of our Eco-Premium Solutions can include one or more of the following:

» Lower toxicity
» Lower emissions and waste

» Lower energy use
» Improved energy efficiency

» Less land use
» Improved health effects

» More efficient use of natural resources or raw materials

» Improved safety (during production, transport, handling)

When is a sustainability benefit ‘significant’?

We classify a sustainability benefit underlying an EcoPremium Solution as ‘significant’ when a particular benefit demonstrates at least a 10% lower impact on the specific criteria. For example, products that help customers to lower their energy consumption by more than 10% would represent Eco-Premium Solutions based on reduced energy use. For example, we will deem a solution’s functionality to be superior if it allows customers to lower the use of our product in their applications by at least 10% while obtaining the same functionality as an alternative. We also ensure that a given solution does not have adverse effects on any of the other criteria.

In 2021, 38% of our revenue came from the sale of EcoPremium Solutions. 21% of our revenue came from EcoPremium Solutions with a direct customer benefit.

Our product development processes are designed to drive continuous sustainability improvement in the overall portfolio as products are updated or replaced. Eco-Premium Solutions are a fundamental driver of our sustainability agenda for creating more value from fewer resources, of the products we sell, and of the processes we use to manufacture them.

Eco-Premium Solutions include, among others:

Highlighted examples

In 2021, we introduced Thioplast® EPS 35 polysulfide, an innovative solution that enables high-performance coatings and adhesives to withstand harsh environments in the construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, and
energy industries. It combines the capabilities of various epoxy modifiers in one product, enabling customers to achieve durable coatings and adhesives while reducing the complexity of their formulations.

Our Adsee® C80W belongs to adjuvant family based on cocamidopropylamines and is readily biodegradable. After years of field trials, it has proven to be the best adjuvant for controlling powdery mildew and early/late blight on fruits and vegetables, providing up to 20% increase in harvestable yield.

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