December 2021

As the world population grows, the demand for new pharmaceutical solutions also increases along with the resulting pollution from discarded pharmaceuticals. These micropollutants mainly reach the environment through the discharge of effluent from municipal wastewater treatment plants.

In a unique collaboration with Van Remmen UV Technology,  a UV system supplier and with Wasser 3.0, a non-profit company which operates at the interface between materials science, water management and water technology, Nouryon will participate in a  pilot  study of innovative processes for the removal of micropollutants and microplastics at the Landau-Mörlheim wastewater treatment plant in Germany.

Micropollutants, including residues from pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and microplastics are threats to the water quality and pose a challenge to wastewater treatment plants. Traditional water technologies are limited in their ability to address complex persistent organic pollutants which is a strong driver for the development of more advanced options.

Nouryon and Van Remmen UV Technology will support the Wasser 3.0 PE-X® technology for the removal of microplastics with the unique and customizable combination of Nouryon’s MicrOxTM hydrogen peroxide solution and with the Advanox™ ultraviolet (UV) treatment from Van Remmen UV Technology that removes persistent micropollutants, like pharmaceuticals, from wastewater, using an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). The MicrOxTM - AdvanoxTM process combines UV-C light with hydrogen peroxide and is efficient, easy and safe to operate. It returns clean water to the environment and is a key to a circular economy.

The combination of our innovative technologies for the removal of micropollutants and microplastics promises greater efficiency in process and treatment performance. This unprecedented comparative study has the aim of investigating how the technologies can be used together to have an efficient use of resources and removal of micropollutants employing only environmentally safe products and technologies.

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used in a variety of applications. It is well known as an environmentally compatible product which decomposes into only oxygen and water and is also an essential ingredient in environmental applications like water and waste gas treatment. Our MicrOxTM hydrogen peroxide solution is produced in a sustainable and resource efficient way and evaluated across the entire value chain.

We are committed to a sustainable future by further improving our environmental footprint and safety performance, growing sales of our portfolio of sustainable solutions and engaging with our community and society to drive progress together. Seventy percent of our R&D pipeline is focused on solutions with sustainability benefits.

Learn more about our sustainability rating and performance here.

Safeguard water quality protect aquatic life by removing micropollutants using MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide with the world-class Advanox™ UV technology
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